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Why I'm Running

"Vista is the community where I grew up, and the proud area I call home. I am running with a track record of success and commitment to our community. We deserve the best."


- Cipriano Vargas
Vista School Board President

Why I'm running
Meet Cipriano

Meet Cipriano

Cipriano Vargas is on our side. When Cipriano Vargas was growing up in Vista, working families could afford to live here, send their kids to public school, and then to college.


Cipriano is running for Mayor because he knows Vista can do better! Housing has become unaffordable. Homelessness is up by 49%. Crime is also on the rise. It’s unacceptable that many of our homeless are Veterans whom the city has ignored. It’s also unacceptable that amidst rising crime, we don’t have enough Sheriff’s patrolling our streets and protecting our community. 


As Mayor, Cipriano will be a voice for change and will fight for the needs of people like you. He will fight to build affordable housing for working and middle-class families, provide relief for renters, and bring good paying jobs with benefits to Vista. And he will ensure every homeless person has access to a safe place to sleep, especially homeless children and veterans.


Cipriano Vargas was born and raised in Vista, is currently the President of the Vista School Board, and is endorsed by local leaders. At the School Board, Cipriano has increased access to early childhood programs by over 500%, helped pass a $240 million bond to renovate and modernize 50-year-old schools, secured over $25 million in grants for mental health support, and led the county in providing technology to its students—all while increasing the District’s financial reserves. Recently, he hired more Sheriffs and police to patrol the schools and keep our kids safe

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