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Don't believe the Trump/Franklin far right lies. 

Franklin Lies


#1. Franklin’s lies: Cipriano Vargas is a dangerous radical.  

The truth: Cipriano Vargas is a proud Democrat who was raised in the city of Vista, is our Vista School Board President, and a Manager of Strategic Partnerships for the County of San Diego.

#2. Franklin's Lies:  Franklin says that Cipriano is a member of a group called “Democratic Socialists of America."


The truth: see above.

#3. Franklin's Lies:  Cipriano Vargas wants to “defund the police."


The truth: Vista School Board President in June of 2022  proudly hired 3 new sheriffs to protect our 19,000 students and teachers at Vista School District. 

#4 Franklin's Lies: Vargas supports the Mileage Tax

The Truth: Cipriano is 100% opposed to Vehicle Mileage Tax.

#5 Franklin’s Lies: Vargas is Bankrolled by Special Interests


Truth: Cipriano Vargas is supported by the Democratic Party, Congress Member Mike Levin, Planned Parenthood, Cal Fire and the California Nurses Association.

Franklin’s Lies #6: Cipriano cut the school resources officers.


Truth: see answer #3 


Franklin’s Lies #7: Vargas supports high rise, high density growth for Vista - think Los Angeles..

Truth: Cipriano Vargas supports affordable housing for middle class families and will provide rent relief to renters in the city of Vista.

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