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Cipriano's Priorities
  1. School Infrastructure Improvement:

    • Advocate for increased funding to address critical infrastructure needs in schools, including renovations, repairs, and technology upgrades.

    • Advocate at the state and federal to ensure funding is being prioritize for school projects.

    • Provide ongoing updates to the community on current Measure LL projects and ensure projects are being completed in a timely manner.

  2. Workforce Housing Initiatives:

    • Develop partnerships with the local government agencies, businesses, and community organizations to address the challenges of affordable housing for school staff.

    • Advocate for policies that incentivize the development of affordable housing options near schools to attract and retain qualified educators.

    • Work towards creating a supportive environment for educators, acknowledging the role housing stability plays in their overall job satisfaction and performance.

  3. Mental Health Support for Students:

    • Expand mental health resources within schools, including hiring more counselors and mental health professionals.

    • Promote mental health awareness programs and initiatives to reduce the stigma surrounding mental health issues.

    • Advocate for increased collaboration with community mental health services to provide comprehensive support for students facing mental health challenges.

  4. Community Engagement:

    • Continue to host community forums to gather input from students, parents, teachers, and community members on school-related issues.

    • Encourage transparency and open communication between the school board, administration, and the community.

    • Foster partnerships with local businesses and organizations to strengthen community support for educational initiatives.

  5. Sustainability and Green Initiatives:

    • Introduce environmentally sustainable practices within schools, such as energy-efficient upgrades and waste reduction programs.

    • Collaborate with local environmental organizations to educate students on the importance of sustainability.

    • Advocate for grants and funding opportunities to support green initiatives in schools.

  6. Dual Language Education​

  • Expand and promote dual language programs within the school district to provide students with opportunities for bilingualism and cultural enrichment.

  • Advocate for increased resources and professional development for teachers involved in dual language education.

  • Expand the Dual Language pathway from our elementary schools all the way to high school.

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